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Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer Temperature: 10C-35C Relative humidity: 20 90 %. Power: 85-264V Conserved Transportation Condition: Temperature: 0C-40C Relative humidity: 10%-90 %. Technical parameters: Method: kinetic End-point, linearity, plus time, non linearity plus time, absorbency, sample blank, multi-standard, velocity, calculation, two-point, double wavelength etc. 7 wavelengths optic system avoiding outer disturbance Wavelength range: 340-700nm Quality control: quality control for all tests, statistic and print quality control parameters automatically with QC curves. Every test can do high medium low three groups quality control Program: add or delete test items easily according to the condition. Modify the test parameters. Display dynamic curves at real time The print content includes comprehensive hospital's name and sample' materials. Dormant automatically for the lamp to prolong it's life span/input 8 standard curves at most in testing with multi standard method Test items: ≥200filter Wavelengths: 340. 380. 405. 505. 546. 578. 620 nm, 1 empty position wavelength Precision: 2NM Photometric range: -0. 2 2. 3 abs Flow cell: quartz Measure volume 32ULL lamp: quartz-halogen lamp, 6V 10W Liquid thickness: 10mm Screen: 240128 dots graphic LCD Output: inner thermal printer or external parallel printer optional Out-printer: print A4 paper result report Thermal paper dimension: diameter 35mm, width: 78mm(3 inches) aspirating samples Volume: ≥ 500UL Adjustable memory: 500 samples or quality controls. ≤30 tests per sample Communications connector: RS-232 serial Dimension: 33cm in length 35. 5cm in width 12. 59cm in height weight: 8kg Bio-Chemistry Analyzer, Bio Chemistry Analyzer exporters, Bio Chemistry Analyzer manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS59001 - (Bio-Chemistry Analyzer)