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Our Products

Face Masks

Silicone Face Mask

Silicone Face Mask Effective grip Anti static property Comfortable to wear Easily fits on the face Easier to clean and long lasting Benefits: Checks bleeding Controls spontaneous breathing Prevents vomiting Silicone Face Mask, Face Masks exporters, Face Masks manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS74001 - (Silicone Face Mask)


Antistatic Face Mask

Antistatic Face Mask Air filled cushion to provide safety and comfortable use Suitable use in respiratory care of anaesthesia and resuscitator Body with antistatic property Excellent grip Preferred for Complete air tightness Electrical resistance Malleability Adequate hardness and elasticity No gas leakage Availability with S.S Metal Ring Size: 0 1 2 3 4 5 Antistatic Face Mask, Face Masks exporters, Face Masks manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS74002 - (Antistatic Face Mask)


Rendel Bracker Silicone Face Mask

Rendel Bracker Silicone Face Mask....

Product Code: NMCBS74003 - (Rendel Bracker Silicone Face Mask)


Rendal Bracker Black Face Mask

Rendal Bracker Black Face Mask....

Product Code: NMCBS74004 - (Rendal Bracker Black Face Mask)


CPR Mask For Adult

CPR Mask For Adult Available Size: Adult & Child Available Size of Face Mask: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 No. Available Colour of Face Mask: White, Green, Blue and as per customer's special requirement CPR Mask For Adult, Face Masks exporters, Face Masks manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS74005 - (CPR Mask For Adult)


Oxygen Mask With Reservoir Bag

Oxygen Mask With Reservoir Bag....

Product Code: NMCBS74006 - (Oxygen Mask With Reservoir Bag)


Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask....

Product Code: NMCBS74007 - (Oxygen Mask)