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HP Codemaster Defibrillator

HP Codemaster Defibrillator

Code: NMCBS41002

Description & Specification:

HP Codemaster Defibrillator To fulfill the demands and needs of customers, we provide HP Codemaster Defibrillator that is available in professionally refurbished with a built-in recorder, ECG, pacing and AC power. Also, available with battery back-up, our products have several other functionalities. In addition to this, we provide customization as per the specifications laid down by the customers. Specifications: HP Codemaster Defibrillator are Dimensions:7.9"H x 11.8"W x 15.6"L, 20cm x 30cm x 39.7cm HP Codemaster Defibrillator are Weight: 24 lbs. / 10.9kg Battery: Type: Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery. 4 Ah, 12 V nominal. Charge Time: 2 hours to 90% of full capacity. 18 hours to 100% capacity. Repeated charging to less than 100% will reduce the useful life of the battery. Capacity: 2.5 hours monitoring or 50 full-energy discharges or 1 hour monitoring and recording. AC input: 100 to 230 VAC +/- 15%, 50/60 Hz. Battery Indicators: Illuminated LED indicates battery is charging. Low Battery message appears on the monitor Monitor: Input: ECG activity may be viewed through the paddles or patient cable Lead fault: Leads off message and dashed baseline appear on the monitor Common mode rejection: Greater than 100dB measured as per AAMI standards for cardiac monitors HP Codemaster Defibrillator, Electrical Defibrillator exporters, Electrical Defibrillator manufacturers.

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