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Our Products

Teaching and Testing Equipments

Drafting Machine

Drafting Machine The Drafting Machine is sleek & sturdy in design to accomplish more work in less time with high accuracy through horizontal and vertical guide ways. The elegant adjustable stand takes minimum space & effort to work with. Drafting Machine, industrial testing and survey items exporters, industrial testing and survey items equipments manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS102001 - (Drafting Machine)


Digital Planimeter

Digital Planimeter Newest Model of "Placom" N-Series have made the excitingly highest attainement in the history of Planimeters ever made. Measuring capacity is remarkably enlarged. Measurement by 6-digit pulse count enables to measure 100 times larger accumulative area than ordinary planimeters. Easy calculations of Cumulative and Mean Value Measurement. Conversion of Unit and Scale value is made by easy operations. "Wonder", it is a most worthy word to be given to this "Placom" N-Series. Special Features of Placom N-Series Measurement by 6-digit pulse count This N-Series measures the area by pulse count of 6-digit. This method enables a larger cumulative measurement of area (up to 10mÂÂ). Maximum Cumulative Measurement Value of 10m2 With the measurement by 6-digit pulse count, the N-Series Planimeter can measure a larger area by 100 times than ordinary planimeter. The conventional planimeter has a maximum cumulative area to measure only 0.1 m2. So, in measurement, at every measurement value of 0.1m2, the display is to be reset to 0. This reqires to register the numbers of how many times these resetting are occurred. With the New Placom N-Series, there is no need of these troublesome procedures. Function of Easy Conversion of the Value of Unit and Scale IP-900N and KP-800N can convert easily the measured area value into a new area value in a newly desired unit and with a newly desired scale value. KP-92N and KP-80N can convert the unit between mm2 and cm2. Hold Memory Function In Cumulative Measurement, this Hold Memory function is effectively used. If an error occurs in measuring No. "N" th area, press C/AC key. Then the pulse count value measured up to "N-1" th appears. No need of another measurements from the lst area to "N-1"th area again. Digital Planimeter, industrial testing and survey items exporters, industrial testing and survey items equipments manufacturers....

Product Code: NMCBS102002 - (Digital Planimeter)


Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments

Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments We are indulged in providing of Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments. All our instruments are reliable and durable. We offer pensky martin appratur, redwood viscometer, kinematic viscometer battery. All these instruments are offered at market leading rates. This category included manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors of Petroleum Testing Instruments e.g Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus, Kinematic Viscometer Bath, Abel Flash Point Apparatus, Sulphur by Bomb Apparatus, Oxidation Test of Lubrication Oil, Rolling Stability Apparatus, Petroleum Hydrometer, Adiabatic Bomb Calorimeter, Redwood Viscometer, ASTM Color Comparator, Ramsbottom Carbon Residule Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, Rust Preventing Characteristics Apparatus, Conradson Carbon Residue Apparatus, Saybolt Viscometer, Dean & Stark Apparatus, Azhn Viscometer Drop Point of Grease Apparatus, Engler Viscometer, Evaporation loss of Lubricating grease, Electric Strength Apparatus, Grease Worker, Flow Cup Viscometer, Heat Stability of Grease Apparatus, Falling Ball Apparatus, Oxidation Stability of Grease Apparatus, Freezing Point Apparatus, Penetrometer, Karl Fisher Apparatus, Pensky Martens Flash Point Apparatus etc.....

Product Code: NMCBS102003 - (Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments)


Non Destructive Technology instruments

Non Destructive Technology instruments We offer highly portable and smart Non Destructive Technology Instruments (NDT Instruments). These instruments are known for their impeccable creation and sturdy built. We have great proficiency in offering NDT Instruments at market leading rates....

Product Code: NMCBS102004 - (Non Destructive Technology instruments)


Soil Testing Equipments

Soil Testing Equipments Soil can be efectively tested on various basis using Soil Testing Equipments. These equipments offer great accuracy as they are designed with great proficeiency. We provide Plastic Limit Test, Shrinkage Limit Set, Llinear Shrinkage Mould and Soil Cone Penetrometer forming our variety for Soil Testing Equipment. This category included manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors of Concrete Testing Instruments & Soil Testing Equipments e.g Field CBR Test Apparatus, Plate Bearing Test Apparatus, Load Truss, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Tension Compression Proving Ring, Shrinkage Bar Mould, Vibrating Machine, Le- Chatelier Mould, Cement Spatula, Gauging Trowel, Mixing Apparatus, Concrete Mixture, Needle Vibrator etc....

Product Code: NMCBS102005 - (Soil Testing Equipments)


Mechanical Testing Lab Equipment

Mechanical Testing Lab Equipment Mechanical engineering is a subject of engineering that applies the rules of engineering, material and physics science for maintenance, manufacturing, design, and analysis of mechanical systems. It is the important part of engineering that includes the usage and production of mechanical lab equipments and heat power for the operation, production, and design of tools and machines. It is the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines. That is why mechanical lab equipments exporters and suppliers are working in the field for the purpose of manufacturing these important lab apparatus. These mechanical testing lab equipments are available in assorted sizes for outstanding performance, accurate finishing, high efficiency and sturdy construction in engineering colleges and research institutes. The engineering field needs an understanding of core principles including kinematics, electricity, structural analysis, materials science, thermodynamics, and mechanics. Mechanical engineers use these core concepts along with product life cycle management, and computer-aided engineering to analyze & design weapons, medical devices, robotics, watercraft, aircraft, transport system, cooling systems, heating systems machinery, industrial equipments, manufacturing plants, and others. Moreover, they are also useful for engineering colleges because all the students use these instruments for their studies, analysis and experimenting work. Mechanical lab equipments in India at Naugra are well-known to their quality and long lasting lifeline, so everyone should go for the best one.....

Product Code: NMCBS102006 - (Mechanical Testing Lab Equipment)


Material Testing Lab Equipment

Material Testing Lab Equipment Do you know the utility of construction material testing equipments? Seeking superior quality material testing lab equipments for some important construction work? From cement, pavers, blocks, bricks and adhesives to glass, metal, tiles, stone, floors and concrete, these apparatus are useful to analysis and testing to ensure that the construction materials are appropriate for purpose. Due to these equipments, engineering confirms the quality of the material and products. Construction material testing equipments are particularly designed for heavy equipments that find application in working zones of construction and engineering fields. The range of apparatus are available in both finish specifications as well as customized standard, they are recognized for providing increased deliver and improved performance in un-lubricated situations. We are well-known firm for designing, manufacturing and supplying premium quality of material testing lab equipments in India. These equipments are useful for testing construction materials and they are extremely helpful for engineers. We are involved in providing material testing lab equipment which are known for their impeccable performance. Aggregate crushing apparatus, aggregate impact tester and ball mill are the equipment which are provided at market leading prices.....

Product Code: NMCBS102007 - (Material Testing Lab Equipment)


Bitumen-Asphalt Testing Equipment

Bitumen-Asphalt Testing Equipment Bitumen - Asphalt Testing Equipment is know for delivering amazing functionality. Accuracy and reliability makes the equipment desirable. Our range of equipment should be used for error free performance. ASPHALT & CONCRETE FLOOR SAW, BENKLEMAN BEAM, CORE CUTTING /CORE DRILLING MACHINE(MOTORISED), DUCTILITY TESTING APPARATUS, MARSHALL STABILITY TEST APPARATUS. We offer cost effective rates for Bitumen -Asphalt testing equipment. Building material testing equipment, construction material testing equipment, surveying instruments India, surveying equipment in India, cement testing equipment, concrete testing equipment, soil testing equipment, aggregate testing equipment, bitumen testing equipment, asphalt testing equipment, total station in india, auto level in India, civil engineering Equipments, cube testing machine, mechanical engineering Equipments We supply a vast range of bitumen-asphalt testing equipment that is widely used while constructing various infrastructures. These are precision made to yield accurate output. The range includes Benkelman beam, centrifuge extractors, core cutting & core drilling machines, standard penetrometer, stripping value and many more. Along with the standard orders, we can custom make equipment with the best use of our resources. Our cost competency & timeliness in order processing has made us a preferred supplier of industrial testing equipment....

Product Code: NMCBS102008 - (Bitumen-Asphalt Testing Equipment)


Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment

Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment We are indulged in offering Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment and machine which is designed to offer impeccable performance. The equipment is designed for error free operation and are durable as well. We offer Air entrainment meter 1,2,3 under the testing equipment at cost effective rates. Our cement or concrete testing equipment deliver optimum performance and are offered in standard & client defined specifications. These testing equipment are simple to use & easy to assess the quality of cement or concrete. The range encompasses compression testing machine, concrete test hammer, flow table, laboratory cement autoclave, length comparator, vibrating machine and many more. We ensure to supply these cement testing equipment to client s doorsteps within the stipulated time frame and also offer timely after sale service.....

Product Code: NMCBS102009 - (Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment)


Surveying Instruments

Surveying Instruments Offering instrumental range of Surveying Instruments helping engineers and surveyors to complete the task. All our instruments are of premium quality and are great aid for surveying. We provide the instruments at market leading rates. We known as Survey Laboratory Equipments, Indian Survey Equipments, Survey Lab Equipments India, Survey Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers, Survey Laboratory Equipments India, Survey Lab Equipments Exporters, Survey Equipments Suppliers, Indian Survey Lab Equipments, Survey Laboratory Equipments Exporters, Indian Survey Laboratory Equipments, Survey Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Survey Equipments, Survey Equipments Exporters, Survey Lab Equipments Suppliers, Survey Equipments Manufacturers, Survey Laboratory Equipments Suppliers, Survey Equipments India, Survey Lab Equipments, Ambala Cantt, India....

Product Code: NMCBS102010 - (Surveying Instruments)


Soil Testing Lab Equipments

Soil Testing Lab Equipments We are indulged in offering excellent variety of Soil And Structural Materials laboratory which are known for their error free operation.Los angeles machine, uniaxial testing apparatus, triaxial testing apparatus are array of materials. Soil testing is an important procedure by which significant components like manganese, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. These components are chemically removed from the soil and calculated for their availability of plant within the sample. Quantity of present nutrients in the sampling determines the fertilizer amount that is prescribed. Due to perfect soil examine, specialists can measure accurate soil pH, exchangeable acidity and humic matter. These examines show whether lime is required and, if so, how much to use. Experts say that superior quality soil testing lab equipments are necessary for the purpose of soil examine. The most important question is where to get these testing equipments. In India, soil testing service began in year 1955-56 with the soil testing lab. There are plenty of soil testing equipments manufacturer in the world, but soil testing lab equipments India is best exporter and supplier all across the country. India is a country of agriculture and there are over dozens of farmers are doing farming over there. That is why the country is most popular for manufacturing and supplying these lab equipments. The soil testing equipments are useful to examine manure, plant, soil, and irrigation water. Due to these devices, experts are able to perfume accurate Soil Testing, Water Quality Assessment and Plant Analysis is also imparted per year for the technical and scientific personnel related to soil testing. So, these soil testing equipments are actually important for soil testing purpose....

Product Code: NMCBS102011 - (Soil Testing Lab Equipments)


Acoustic Testing Equipment

Acoustic Testing Equipment We provide impeccable range of acoustic testing equipment which are offered for acquiring the correct measurements. These equipment deliver are known for outstanding performances. The equipment are offered at market leading rates....

Product Code: NMCBS102012 - (Acoustic Testing Equipment)


Spectrophoto Meters

Spectrophoto Meters Leading Importer and Supplier of Spectrophoto Meters such as Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Spectrophotometer Double Beam, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Microprocessor UV - VIS Spectro Photometer (Double Beam) from Ambala....

Product Code: NMCBS102013 - (Spectrophoto Meters)


Test Measuring Instruments

Test Measuring Instruments scientific instrumentation , test and measuring instrumentation , test and measuring solutions , electronic test and measurement company , test and measurement instruments , manufacturers of test and measuring instruments , oscilloscopes , spectrum analyser , emi ems solutions , rf synthesizers , function generators , arbitary generators , pulse wave generators , sine wave generaotors , digital multimeters , frequency counters , power supplies , laboratory tools , instrument accessories and probes , lcr meters , analog oscilloscopes , digital oscilloscopes , digitizers , power scopes....

Product Code: NMCBS102014 - (Test Measuring Instruments)


Laboratory Equipment for Mining And Geosciences

Laboratory Equipment for Mining And Geosciences Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences Suppliers, Indian Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences, Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences Exporters, Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences Manufacturers, Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences Ambala, Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences India, Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Geosciences....

Product Code: NMCBS102015 - (Laboratory Equipment for Mining And Geosciences)