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Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer

Naugra Medical is a leading Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Bio Chemistry AnalyBio Chemistry Analyzerzer manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer

Product Code: NMCBS59001 - (Bio-Chemistry Analyzer)

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer · Temperature: 10°C-35°C · Relative humidity: 20 – 90 %. · Power: 85-264V Conserved Transportation Condition: · Temperature: 0°C-40°C · Relative humidity: 10%-90 %. Technical parameters: · Method: kinetic · End-point, linearity, plus time, non linearity plus time, absorbency, sample blank, multi-standard, velocity, calculation, two-point, double wavelength etc. · 7 wavelengths optic system avoiding outer disturbance · Wavelength range: 340-700nm · Quality control: quality control for all tests, statistic and print quality control parameters automatically with QC curves. Every test can do high medium low three groups quality control · Program: add or delete test items easily according to the condition. Modify the test parameters. Display dynamic curves at real time · The print content includes comprehensive hospital's name and sample' materials. Dormant automatically for the lamp to prolong it's life span/input · 8 standard curves at most in testing with multi standard method · Test items: ≥200filter · Wavelengths: 340. 380. 405. 505. 546. 578. 620 nm, 1 empty position wavelength · Precision: ±2NM · Photometric range: -0. 2 – 2. 3 abs · Flow cell: quartz · Measure volume 32ULL · lamp: quartz-halogen lamp, 6V 10W · Liquid thickness: 10mm · Screen: 240×128 dots graphic LCD · Output: inner thermal printer or external parallel printer optional Out-printer: print A4 paper result report · Thermal paper dimension: diameter 35mm, width: 78mm(3 inches) aspirating samples · Volume: ≥ 500UL · Adjustable memory: 500 samples or quality controls. ≤30 tests per sample · Communications connector: RS-232 serial · Dimension: 33cm in length × 35. 5cm in width × 12. 59cm in height · weight: 8kg Bio-Chemistry Analyzer, Bio Chemistry Analyzer exporters, Bio Chemistry Analyzer manufacturers....

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