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Cooling Incubator Refrigerated BOD Double wall construction. Hospital Cooling Incubator Refrigerated BOD Manufacturers India China

Cooling Incubator Refrigerated BOD

Inner chamber made richly anodized aluminum or highly polished stainless steel sheet. Supplied with two/three removable perforated shelves. Exterior made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in write stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combination.

Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement. Inner door unbreakable acrylic transparent sheet for inspection of material in the chamber without disturbing the chamber temperature. Door operated inner illumination has been provided. Temperature is controlled by Delux Digital Controller from 5 °C to -50 °C .

Standard cooling unit with a sealed compressor with protective devices has been provided below the chamber for safe and efficient working. Heating arrangement has been made with in the chamber for higher temperature working. Inner air circulating system is provided to achieve uniform temperature. A control panel is provided with various indicators, on-off switch.

Supplied with cord and plug etc. To work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase.

OPTIONAL: i) Timer 0-24 hours day night cycle. ii) Co2 /air mixer nozzle is provided. iii) Internal illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes. iv) Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller. v) Automatic Voltage stabilizer 3-5 KVA (recommended-must). Inner Chamber Sizes in mm W x D x H (Approx.)

Capacity in cu.ft. Capacity

405 x 405 x 405 (Bench Top Model) 2.4 cu.ft. 65 ltrs.

455 x 410 x 610 4 cu.ft. 112 ltrs.

505 x 415 x 830 6.1 cu.ft. 171 ltrs.

565 x 565 x 865 10 cu.ft. 280 ltrs.

650 x 580 x 900 12 cu.ft. 336 ltrs.

700 x 650 x 900 15 cu.ft. 420 ltrs.

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