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Photo Colorimeters

Naugra Medical is a leading Photo Colorimeters manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Photo Colorimeters manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Photo Colorimeters meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Photo Colorimeters suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Photo Colorimeters manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

Auto Photo Colorimeters

Product Code: NMCBS57001 - (Auto Photo Colorimeters)

Auto Photo Colorimeters Std. Glass Filter 8 Mini Volume 1 ml. Display 3 Digit, Bright Red 7 Segment LED Range 400-700 nm Output OD: (0 to 1.99), %T: 0 to 199 Resolution OD : 0.01, %T : 1% Accuracy 0.5% FSI Detector Selenium Photocell/Photodiode Light Source 6.8v, 300mA Power 230V + 10%, 50 Hz. AC Accessories: Set of 5 Test Tube, Spare Lamp, Dust Cover & Manual Packaging Details: Dimension - 220 x 180 x 125 mm (l x b x h) approx. Weight - 5 Kg. Auto Photo Colorimeters, Photo Colorimeters exporters, Photo Colorimeters manufacturers....


Digital Photo Colorimeters

Product Code: NMCBS57002 - (Digital Photo Colorimeters)

Digital Photo Colorimeters Std. Glass Filter 8 5 Mini Volume 1 ml. 1 ml. Display 2 1/2 Digit LED 2 1/2 Digit LED Range 400-700 nm 400-700 nm Output OD (0 to 1.99) OD (0 to 1.99) Resolution OD : 0.01 OD : 0.01 Accuracy 0.5% FSI 0.5% FSI Detector Selenium Photocell Selenium Photocell Light Source 6.8v, 300mA 6.8v, 300mA Power 230v + 10% 230v + 10% Accessories Test Tube set of 5, Spare Lamp, Dust Cover, Manual 8 Filters - 400, 420, 480, 500, 520, 540, 620, 680 nm 5 Filters - 420, 480, 540, 620, 680 nm Digital Photo Colorimeters, Photo Colorimeters exporters, Photo Colorimeters manufacturers....


Photoelectric Colorimeter, Digital

Product Code: NMCBS57003 - (Photoelectric Colorimeter, Digital)

Photoelectric Colorimeter, Digital Filters 8(All High Quality Optical Glass Filters) Filters Range 400,480,510,520,540,580,620,700 (nm) Min. Volume 1ml. Display 2½ digit LED Range 400-700nm Output OD: 0to1.99 Resolution OD: 0.01 Accuracy 0.5% FS ± 1 Digit Detector Hermetically Sealed Imported Photodiode Light Source Imported white LED Power 230V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz Dimensions L-33cm. x W-30cm. x H-16.5cm. (approx.) Weight 1.5 Kg. Approx. Accessories (i) Test Tube-5 (ii) Test Tube Stand (iii) Dust Cover-1 (iv) Spare Light Source-2 (v) Instruction Manual-1 Photoelectric Colorimeter, Digital, Photo Colorimeters exporters, Photo Colorimeters manufacturers....

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