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Lab Incubator

Naugra Medical is a leading Lab Incubator manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Lab Incubator manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Lab Incubator meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Lab Incubator suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Lab Incubator manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

EGG Incubator

Product Code: NMCBS12001 - (EGG Incubator)

EGG Incubator Backed by our efficient workforce, we are able to offer our clients with EGG Incubator. In our products, there is a gap between inner and outer wall that is filled with the superior quality mineral glass wool. EGG Incubator Temperature in these products can be reached from ambient to 70º C, which is controlled by the “EGO” or “JUMO” German capillary type thermostat having an accuracy of ± 0.5º C. In addition to this, EGG Incubator our products have manual tilting device that is useful in tilting the tray holding the eggs. EGG Incubator Capacity: · 50 eggs · 100 eggs · 200 eggs · 250 eggs EGG Incubator, Lab Incubator Exporters, Lab Incubator Manufacturers....


Hybridization Incubator

Product Code: NMCBS12002 - (Hybridization Incubator)

Hybridization Incubator Our company specializes in offering qualitative range of Hybridization Incubator. The inside portion of the product offered by our organization is made of stainless steel. Hybridization Incubator These products have the temperature which ranges above ambient 5º C to 90º C. our product has a circulating fan ensuring the uniformly of temp. It also has a carrier to hold bottles which can be easily on front of rotator mechanism and can also be easily taken out. Hybridization Incubator bottles are 6 in number and of 60 mm Dia x 200 mm depth. Hybridization Incubator carrier rotates with bottles parallel to the door in a variable speed which helps in viewing the glass window in the specimen inside the chamber. Our product is complete with the microprocessor PID digital temp. indicator-cum-controller having Pt 100 sensor. Hybridization Incubator Features: Hybridization Incubator Leak proof bottles Hybridization Incubator Double walled Hybridization Incubator Inside stainless steel (SS) Hybridization Incubator With Viewing glass window Hybridization Incubator, Lab Incubator Exporters, Lab Incubator Manufacturers....


Walk In Incubator

Product Code: NMCBS12003 - (Walk In Incubator)

Walk In Incubator We hold expertise in undertaking a wide range of Walk In Incubator. These products are widely used for various incubation applications. Our products can be easily installed even in the hallway room or wherever convenient. Walk In Incubator are designed with the enameled mild steel sheet exterior, aluminum/stainless steel, interior ventilators, internal lighting, exhaust fan among others. Our products are suitable for the insulation of 300 mm sq. inspection window at the door which permits inside view without opening the door. Walk In Incubator products is complete with the panel and bare prefabricated at the factory assembled at site. It also has cord and plug to work on 220 V single phase 50 Hz power supply. Walk In Incubator temperature of these products range from 5º C above ambient to 60º C ± 1º C and are controlled by the digital indicator-cum-controller. These are of three types. Available size W x H x D: · 1.2x2.3x1.2 meter · 2.3x2.3x2.3 meter These are same as but with controlled humidity up to 95% ± 5% and are available in the following size W x H x D: · 1.2x2. 3x1.0 meter · 2.3x2.3x.3 meter These are same as but temperature range 10º C to 60º C and are available in the following sizes W x H x D: · 1.2x2. 3x1.0 meter · 2.3x2.3x.3 meter Walk In Incubator, Lab Incubator Exporters, Lab Incubator Manufacturers....


Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator

Product Code: NMCBS12004 - (Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator)

Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D IncubatorInnovation is our forte and we strive to design and develop a precision engineered range of Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator. These products offered by our organization are double wall construction. Its inner chamber is made with the rich anodized aluminum or high polished stainless steel sheet. These products are supplied with two or three removable perforated shelves. Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator. exterior of these products are made of thick mild steel sheet which is duly finished with white stoving enamel or powder coated paint having mat finished color combination. Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator. outer double walled door is provided with the magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement and the inner unbreakable door is made of acrylic transparent sheet for the inspection of the material in the chamber without disturbing the temperature of the chamber. Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator. Technical Details: · The product has a door operated inner illumination · Its temperature is controlled by the Deluxe Digital Controller from 5º C to 50º C ± 0.5º C · The standard cooling unit with a sealed compressor with protective devices has been provided below the chamber for efficient and safe working · Its heating arrangement has been made within the chamber for higher temperature working · Inner air circulating system is provided in order to achieve uniform temperature · A control panel is provided with different indicators, on-off switch · These are supplied with cord and plug among others to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase Optional: · Timer 0-24 hours day night cycle · Co2 / air mixer nozzle is provided · International illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes · Microprocessor PID digital temp. indicator-cum-controller · Automatic voltage stabilizer 3-5 KVA (recommended-must) Specification: Inner Chamber sizes in mm W x D x H Capacity in cu.ft. Capacity (Approx.) 405x405x405 (Bench Top Model) 2.4 cu.ft 65 ltrs. 455x410x610 4 cu.ft 112 ltrs. 505x415x830 6.1 cu.ft. 171 ltrs. 565x565x865 10 cu.ft 280 ltrs. 650x580x900 12 cu.ft. 336 ltrs. 700x650x900 15 cu.ft. 420 ltrs. Chemical Oxygen Demand B. O. D Incubator, Lab Incubator Exporters, Lab Incubator Manufacturers....

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