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When a hospital is well-equipped with a standard quantity of patient monitors, it is an assurance that the medical facilities are reliable. If you are a hospital or medical clinic owner, you would always want to equip your facilities with high-standard patient monitor devices. As a top-notch patient monitor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India and China, we meet specific demands of various public and private hospitals, complying with detailed specifications and set norms, on a case by case basis. 


Our patient monitor devices are reliable and provide you requisite support to undertake relevant medical tasks, with a high degree of accuracy. There is 100% warranty on each of the devices we sell. In fact, we also do have a good name in the industry as trusted patient monitor suppliers in India and China, delivering to worldwide.


An added feather to our crown is we are renowned as patient monitor exporters, too, catering to the demand of hospitals and medical clinics located in foreign countries. The foreign medical fraternity praises us for the world-class standard of our extensive range of medical equipment sets, machineries, tools and related support devices. 


It is our vision to evolve further and consistently add value to hospitals across the world. Get in touch to clear any doubts. 

Patient Monitor Device

Product Code: NMCBS37001 - (Patient Monitor Device)

Patient Monitor Standard configuration: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, HR, built-in battery (for using over 2 hours) Optional configuration: Printer, dual TEMP Highly integrated module technology, more stability and reliability as well as lowest consumption 12.1" TFT color LCD Nine wave-channel display at most Two selective users Interface: 9 channel waves UI, 4 channels waves, UI 7 leads ECG and screen displaying Available to connect with the central monitor system Here are some of the features about this item : Latest super streamlined design, used for placement at table or hanging on wall Easy to use, requiring minimal self-training, in normal use, only two buttons "record" , "zeroing" need to be pushed Colored blue-screen with 6' display screen Digital and trace date was showed synchronously which make the test to be direct and convenient Three monitor parameter: fetal heart rate, fatal move and OP The scale between display trace and record trace is 1:1, convenient for viewing Unique ACC technology ensures the stability and accuracy of detecting fatal heart rate, the deficiency present to fetal monitor generally come to solution High performance, wide ultrasonic beam FHR probe, detects fetal heartbeats sensitively Wide pressure rang OP probe, no saturation at double overcharge Can automatic reset to 0 unit Wide input voltage rang under 100-250V Built-in 100mms width thermal printer, see-through paper, easy to discover if the paper block or absence Optional FIFO file record memory Patient Monitor, Patient Monitor exporters, Patient Monitor manufacturers


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