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Naugra Medical is a leading Cervical Support manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Cervical Support manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Cervical Support meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Cervical Support suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Cervical Support manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

Cervical Collar Soft

Product Code: NMCVR10001 - (Cervical Collar Soft)

High-density foam collar with special Contoured design for extended portion Velcro Closure for easy application, for removal and adjustment as well as remain skin friendly. Cervical Collar Soft, Cervical Support Exporters, Cervical Support Manufacturers....


Soft Boneless Cervical Collar

Product Code: NMCVR10002 - (Soft Boneless Cervical Collar)

Soft Boneless Cervical Collar For partial / controlled immobilization in the cervical region. Cervical spondylolysis. Torticolles (Wryneck). Cervical neuralgia. Early stages of rheumatic disease of cervical position. Cervical Disk Disease. Minor Ligamentous or muscular injuries, Neck Sprainess or stiff neck. Soft Boneless Cervical Collar, Cervical Support Exporters, Cervical Support Manufacturers....


Philadelphia Cervical Collar

Product Code: NMCVR10003 - (Philadelphia Cervical Collar)

Made of unique non-absorbent sturdy foam that is easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for long term use.

Indications: Spodylosis, Post-Surgical Care.

Available In Size: Small, Medium & Large Philadelphia Cervical Collar, Cervical Support Exporters, Cervical Support Manufacturers....


Cervical Collar Hard

Product Code: NMCVR10004 - (Cervical Collar Hard)

Hard Cervical Collar (Adjustable), with velcro locks, sizes small, medium, large. Made of high density polythene sheet. Two Piece height adjustment to maintain desired flexion or extension. Banian Foam Padding for comfort. Velcro closures for easy application, removal and adjustment. Ventilation through holes to allow arir circulation for comfort. Washable. Cervical Collar Hard, Cervical Support Exporters, Cervical Support Manufacturers....


Cervical Pillow

Product Code: NMCVR10005 - (Cervical Pillow)

asic Cervical Pillow is designed to soothe your tired neck and back and support your neck. Cervical Pillow, Cervical Support Exporters, Cervical Support Manufacturers....

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