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Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit

Naugra Medical is a leading Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit

Product Code: NMCBS103001 - (Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit)

Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit pH:- Range : 0-14 pH Resolution: 0.01pH Accuracy: + 0.01 pH ( relative) Temp. Comp.: Automatic with Pt100 Sensor Buffer Recognition: 4.00 , 7.00 , 9.20 ( Automatic) Calibration: Automatic & Manual Dissolved Oxygen: Range: 0 to 20 ppm Resolution: 0. 1 ppm Calibration: Automatic Accuracy: + 0.2 ppm + 1digit Temp. Comp.: Automatic with Pt100 Sensor Pressure comp.: 0-999 mm of Hg ( Manual) Salinity Correction: 0-20 mg/l mv/ORP: Range: - 2000 to +2000 mV Resolution: 1 mV Calibration: Manual Accuracy: + 0.1% + 1digit Temperature: Range: -100 to +200 degree C Resolution: 0.1 degree C Accuracy: + 0.2% + 1digit Input: Pt100 Calibration: Manual Conductivity: Range: 0-200.0 mS/cm Range Selection: Automatic Calibration: Manual Resolution: 0.01 uS/cm Accuracy: + 0.5% Temp. Comp.: Automatic with Pt100 Sensor Ref. Temp.: 25 degree C Temp. Co-efficient: 0-4% adjustable Cell constant: 0.05 to 2.0 adjustable TDS: Range: 0-200 ppt Range Selection: Automatic Resolution: 0.1 ppm Accuracy: + 0.5% TDS factor: 0.5 by default( adjustable) Salinity: Range: 0-50 ppt Resolution: 0.1 ppt Temp. comp.: Automatic Accuracy: + 0.5% Salinity factor: 0.75 by default( adjustable) General Display: 16 characters X 2 linesalpha Numeric BL LCD Accessories: pH electrode Two Buffer solutions Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit, Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit exporters, Microprocessor Soil Analysis Kit manufacturers


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