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Product Code: NMCBS11052

Categories: Heat And Refrigeration System

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B.O.D.Incubators We offer B.O.D. incubators that are designed primarily to meet requirements of bio chemical oxygen demand test. These equipments are suitable for storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteria, micro organism, serum incubation, seed germination etc. Some of the specifications of these incubators are: •Double walled construction – Inner Chamber S.S –Outer M.S powder Coated (STD Model) or Interior & Exterior made of Stainless Steel 304… •Puff Insulation; •Full length inner Plexi glass door for clear inner view; •Outer Metal Door with magnetic gaskets & lock. •Perforated SS removable trays at adjustable distance; •Preset electronic dual display (one for set point and the other for process value) digital controller cum Indicator with pt 100 as sensor. •Pilot lamps for all switches & controls, illumination provided for inner chamber •Forced air circulation fan for uniform temperature throughout the chamber. •Hermetically sealed compressor unit; •Castor wheals for easy move ability. •Temperature Range 5ºC to 60 ºC0.5 ºC or better. 230V Ac 50HZ Mains •Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.5 °C Further, the technical specifications are as follows: Order Code Capacity Cu.ft Ltrs Inner Dimensions H x D x W (cms) No. of Shelves AEI - 1a 3 cft 90L 50 x 43 x 43 2 AEI - 1b 6 cft 180L 70 x 51 x 51 2 AEI - 1c 10 cft 300L 100 x 55 x 55 3 AEI - 1d 12 cft 360L 100 x 60 x 60 3 AEI - 1e 16 cft 480L 114 x 65 x 65 4 , Heat And Refrigeration System Exporters, Heat And Refrigeration System Manufacturers

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