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Double Wall Semi Automatic Autoclave

Double Wall Semi Automatic Autoclave

Product Code: NMALV10032

Categories: Autoclave & Sterilizers

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Double Wall Semi Automatic Autoclave

Inner & Outer Chamber, Constructed from S.S 304 Grade
Bucket / Basket Made af Stainless Steel
Water Level indicator
Lid Closing by Radial Locking System
Sealing of lid by Neaprene Rubber Basket
Lid is fitted with Pressure Gauge, Spring Loaded Safety Valve
Operating range from 15psi to 20psi pressure
Sterilizing temperature upto 134 c
Voltage:220 VoltsAC (50 Hz)
Tested upto 2.5 times of required pressure
Fully automatic models requiring no human invention till a full sterilization cycle is over.
Fitted with a (Programmable Logic Controller) LCD Display with respect to time and temperature
Enabling user automatic purging of stale air.
sterilizing holds time system for sterilizing period and cycle end.
Automatic exhaust of Pressure
Audio alarm/ buzzer is raised at the end of the cycle on.
All internal joints are argon arc welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.
Gasket is made from imported silicon rubber.
Drain valve facilitates easy cleaning of the chamber.

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