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General Purpose Equipments

General Purpose Equipments

Product Code: NMCBS102173

Categories: Teaching and Testing Equipments

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General Purpose Equipments We offer General Purpose Equipments which can be used for taking care of variety of applications. Reference Card Cabinet, Tracer, Reprint Boxes, Chart Cabinet, Literature Cabinet, Drawing Board with Stand are the line of general purpose equipments which are designed for excellent performance. We provide the general purpose equipments at market leading rates. This category included manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors of General Purpose Labwares e.g Balance, Mass Set, Cork Borer Set, Clamps, Clips, Iron Gauge, Spoons, Rubber Corks, Stop Clock / Watch, Stands, Rubber Tube, Test Tube Holder / Stand, Spatulas, Burner, Brushes, Meter Scale, Microscope, Drawing Board, Forceps, Hot Plate, Oven, Incubator, Laboratory Coat, Models, Magnifier, Sieves, Retort Stand, Tripod Stand, Water Bath, Zinc Plate, Plasticwares , Furnaces, Autoclave, Water Still, Moisture Meters, Stirrer, Heating Mantles, Centrifuges, Heating & Cooling Equipments etc...

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