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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Product Code: NMCBS11105

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Salt Spray Chamber Salt Spray Chamber comprise future oriented accelerated corrosion testing systems which assist in delivering consistent unmatched accuracy. This salt spray test is also standardized test method that finds usage in checking corrosion resistance of coated samples where the proposed coatings assist in achieving safety against corrosion for metallic parts made of steel, zamak or brass. Further, this salt spray testing process is also popular as it is cheap, quick as well as standardized way of arriving at the results. With the control panel present in the chambers made up of fiber glass, these are sealed using simple self-generating water trap and are easy to adjust and monitor the test conditions. Further, these also allow easy access to test panels or specimens as well as automatic water level control in present humidifier system. Advantages: Sealed cabinet using simple self-generating water trap Easy adjustment and monitoring of test conditions Total atomization of salt solution Low rate of use: 0.5 litres per hour Easy access to test panels or specimens Automatic water level control in humidifier system Some of the features of this product are as follows: High performance Corrosion resistant Abrasive resistive Rigid construction Accurate dimensions Technical Specifications: Test Space Capacity 420 lts to 2000 lts Temperature Range +35°C to +60°C ±1°C Humidity Saturated Condition Fog Collection 0.5ml to 3ml per hour. Power Required 230 V ±5%, 1 Phase, 50 C/s AC/ 415 V ±5%, 3 Phase, 50 C/s AC Control System PID type or programmable microprocessor based control system for cyclic chamber. Features CFC Free semi-sealed/open type refrigeration system, microprocessor based programmable control system. Performance Conforms to IS 9000, IS 5528, IS 6910, ASTM B 117, JIS 2371, UNICHEM, DIN Salt Spray Chamber, Heat And Refrigeration System Exporters, Heat And Refrigeration System Manufacturers

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