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Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification

Product Code: NMCBS137002

Categories: Ophthalmic Equipments

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Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification Specification : Binocular Microscope Viewing Oculars Binocular, Galilean Type Magnification Change Three Steps Magnification 0.6x,1x,1.6x Eye Pieces Wide Field 12.5x Objective 1x, 1.6x Total Magnification 10x, 16x, 25x Make Ajanta Illumination Unit:- Slit Image Rotation 0 to 180o Tilting Illumination 5o to 20o Filter Disc Cobalt Filter, Red Free, Yellow Filter Natural Density and Open Aperture Diaphragm For Infinitely Variable Slit Lengths. Slit Disphragm Disc Six Apertures Of 12, 9, 7, 3 and 0.2mm and a Wedge Shaped Diaphragm Of Infinitely Variable Slit Lengths Halogen Lamp 6 Volt 20 Watts (12 Volt 50 Watts On Request) Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification Slit Lamp Stepper (3 Step) Magnification microscope is used by ophthalmologists for eye examination. The magnification is selectable between 0.6x, 1x, 1.6x. The included eyepiece pair is Wide Field 12.5x, it comes with optional applanation tonometer, beam splitter, CCD camera adapter, and CCD camera for taking the video image to a CCTV monitor. Specifications:- Standard Accessories Replacing Mirror Hruby Lens Plastic breath shield Testing Rod Replacing Lamp One Piece For Illumination Unit Optional Accessories : CCD Camera Beam Splitter With CCD Camera Attachment Power Table / Mechanical Table Optional accessories are listed as separate items in "Accessories" section under products, there brought separately.

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