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Laptop Video Colposcope

Laptop Video Colposcope

Code: NMCBS28008

Description & Specification:

Laptop Video Colposcope Features : SONY 1/4" high-resolution digital color CCD 470,000 dot image elements, horizontal resolution factor above 480 lines Stepless Image magnification of 1 to 30 times Video and S-video mode output High-speed automatic capturing or manual capturing control Automatic self-balance adjustment and electronic numerical reading technology Automatic adjustment of self-balance Focusing distance 10 to 800mm Unique design of light source Adopting super-low ring multipoint white cold-light source Even brightness, small size and a long life length Software Feature : Powerful computer imaging, data management and disease analysis . It has WINDOWS operating system with the functions of image collecting, displaying, processing and report printing and storage. Easy control to focus the CCD and scale of real time. Picture though the computer helps the doctor choose the clear, high quality picture. The special optical filtering system, can show the false color of many kinds of dynamic filters such as being red, green, blue in real time. Convenient to make comparative analysis of atlas, which is helpful for patient's diagnosis. Produce the content of reporting automatically. Large memory to store case history and more than 100,000 pics. 17inch high-resolution color large screen display, adopt HP ink high-resolution color image output. Fast and convenient data search. Internet Supports.

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