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Luxury Electric Blanket

Luxury Electric Blanket

Code: NMCBS93003

Description & Specification:

Luxury Electric Blanket The blanket is provided of thermal micro chip cutouts which helps in uniform distribution of heat in whole blanket In luxury range, the size of single bed is of king size i.e. 36 x 60 inches approx. and double beds is of king size i.e. size is 72 x 60 inches resulting in better coverage of bed The outer shell material used is of high quality which give cozy feel while you sleep on it Technical Specifications: Features Single bed Double bed King Size (Approx.): 36 x 60 inches. 72 x 60 inches Wattage (Approx.): 80 watts. 150 watts. Voltage: (Operable At Low Voltages Too) 220 - 250 volts (AC) 220 - 250 volts (AC) Frequency: 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz Luxury Electric Blanket, Heating Pads exporters, Heating Pads manufacturers.

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