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Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope

Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope

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Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope microscope is for Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science. Analyze and Compare Bullets, Bullet Cartridge Casings, Scratch Marks, Wires, Fibre, Hair, and Paint Fragments. Polarization Capable: Includes both Polarizer and Analyzer for viewing under Cross Polarization Conditions. Two Separate Specimens can be Studied Simultaneously with a Split Screen Viewing. The Comparison Bridge brings Both the Beam Paths together. The two images of the Objects under Examination can be Observed in the Field of View in Multiple Ways. They can be Observed together, Side-By-Side, Separated by a Thin Line that can be Moved to Either Side Allowing More or Less of Either Object to be Viewed. On the Extremes, the Field of View can show Only the Left Object or Only the Right Object. The Viewing also has the Capability to Overlap the images, as well as Control the Amount of Overlapping. Includes Two Photo Ports, One for Still Camera and One for CCD Video Camera! Stage Specifications : Two fully rotatable mechanical X-Y-Z moveable stages, 65mm. diameter with graduation marks every 2� for the full 360� degrees. Ball Socketed Inclinable Stages : Ball Socket Mounted Stages Provides Capability to incline. Eyepieces and Magnification : Large Range of Magnifications from 3.8x up to 144x. Five Built-In Objectives on rotary selector switches : 0.8x, 1x, 2x, 3x and 4.8x. Lowest Possible Magnification : Use the 10x eyepiece and bottom reduction lens : (0.8x objective)(10x eyepiece)(1.2 bridge factor)(0.4x bottom lens)=3.8x final. Largest Possible Magnification : Use the 25x eyepiece and Largest Power Objective : (4.8x Objective)(25x Eyepiece)(1.2 Bridge Factor)=144x Final Magnification. Working Distance Approximately 105mm. Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope, Binocular Loupes exporters, Binocular Loupes manufacturers

Comparison Microscope makes you view two images of left & right at the same time, according to adjusting two images to connect or lap over, then differentiate the minuteness difference between them, for instance, comparison of fiber, hair, pathological samples, Etc.

The comparison Microscope is an ideal instrument for the criminal investigation material evidence, authenticated and education at Police technical section and also suitable for other departments which need object comparison.

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