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Medical Emergency Products For First Responders

Medical Emergency Products For First Responders
Date: 19 Jun 2021

Medical Emergency Products For First Responders

During medical emergencies, EMTs and first responders are usually the first medical professionals to arrive at the scene. They require the right products from MEDICAL Emergency Products Manufacturers at their disposal to save lives. While these people don’t receive as much training as professional doctors, they can offer basic yet potentially lifesaving medical care, regardless of the type of emergency. That’s why you must keep the EMT vehicles stocked with the right equipment. Here you’ll learn about a few of those items.

1. Oxygen kit: This one probably the most important emergency medical product you need, especially when tending to a patient suffering from COVID-19. While the disease itself isn’t destructive, the oxygen content in the blood of some of the patients drops dangerously low. These patients will need an immediate supply of oxygen to survive.

2. Portable ventilator: Here’s another crucial device required by EMTs and first responders – a portable ventilator. It can move air into the lungs of a patient mechanically if he/she can’t breathe adequately on his/her own. It’s basically a portable life support system. However, operating such a complicated machine can be quite a challenge. You must train the first responders to adjust the settings appropriately to control the depth and rate of the ventilations given by the device.

3. Medical shears: When EMTs don’t have enough time and the stakes are high, they may need to cut open the patient’s clothing to be able to deliver life-saving medical services. It’s precisely when a pair of durable medical shears comes in handy. It’s one of the most common emergency medical equipment pieces needed by first responders.

4. Trauma supplies: This one includes everything from emergency bandages to chest wound injury seals. Basically, any medical item designed to reduce or stop severe bleeding or seal a penetrated area to prevent trauma belongs to trauma supplies. Primary assessment tools too Indeed, you’ll also need MEDICAL Emergency Products Suppliers to provide you all primary assessment tools, such as blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, stethoscopes, CO2 monitors, penlights, etc. An ECG monitor or defibrillator should also be inside the vehicles of first responders.

This machine is powerful enough to rekindle the spark of life in a dying patient.

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