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Infant Bed & Cradle

Naugra Medical is a leading Infant Bed & Cradle manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As top-rated Infant Bed & Cradle manufacturers, we, Naugra Medical, dedicatedly serve several hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics in worldwide. We have a good name in the medical industry for top quality of products we sell.

Our full range of Infant Bed & Cradle meets the standards specific to a hospital or clinic. As reputed Infant Bed & Cradle suppliers in China, we constantly focus on creating more value for the medical fraternity.

Being a renowned Infant Bed & Cradle manufacturers in India, China we are delivering our products to many foreign hospitals and medical organizations on a regular basis. We have enviable technical expertise in efficiently handling bulk orders, meeting stringent deadlines without any delays.

Baby Cradle On Stand Swinging Type

Product Code: NMINF10001 - (Baby Cradle On Stand Swinging Type)

MS tubular frame work mounted on strong rubber shoes.
Stand Fitted with PVC stumps
Wire mesh hanging cradle
Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder coated.
Size : 36\\\" x 15\\\" x 39\\\" , Height upto CRIB top 98 cms.
Optional Accessories: 50 mm dia castors.....


Baby Bassinet

Product Code: NMINF10002 - (Baby Bassinet)

Frame work made of ERW tubular pipe of 2.5 cms. dia. mounted on four 5 cms dia. castors.
Removable CRIB of Prepex transparent Crib with mattress and R-trend positions.
Trendlenburg / Rev. Trendlenburg.
Laminated cupboard for storage, I.V Rod.
Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated.....


Baby Bassinet with Moulded Crib

Product Code: NMINF10003 - (Baby Bassinet with Moulded Crib)

Baby Bassinet with Moulded Crib.
Removable moulded Plastic Crib (without joints).
Framework made of stainless steel.
1 S.S. shelf at the bottom or Plastic Tray
4 swivel castor (all with brakes).
Size: 810 X 460 X 810 mm. Baby Bassinet with Moulded Crib , Infant Bed & Cradle Exporters, Infant Bed & Cradle Manufacturers



Pediatric Bed With Side Railings

Product Code: NMINF10004 - (Pediatric Bed With Side Railings)

Pediatric Bed With Side Railings Made of Tubular Pipe framework.
Top of M.S. Sheet with perforations.
Built in back rest.
Mounted on four 10 cms. dia castors (2 with brakes).
Drop side, safety railing at both side.
Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated finish.
Size : 1370 L x 760 W cm x 610 H mm Pediatric Bed With Side Railings, Infant Bed & Cradle Exporters, Infant Bed & Cradle Manufacturers....


Pediatric Bed S.Steel

Product Code: NMINF10005 - (Pediatric Bed S.Steel)

Semi-Fowler Bed with mechanically operated Back rest by crank mechanism.
Steel frame work with 2 section top.
S.S. side railings with Up & Down movement.
With S.S. Shelf at the bottom for keeping blankets, basin etc.
Tubular Head & Foot Bows also made of stainless steel.
Mounted on four silent swivel castor (all with brakes).
Provision for I.V. Rod.
Freight saving knock-down construction.
Size: 1840 × 800 × 580 mm. Pediatric Bed S.Steel, Infant Bed & Cradle Exporters, Infant Bed & Cradle Manufacturers....

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