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Large Cold Box Long range

Large Cold Box Long range

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Large Cold Box Long range Vaccine Storage Capacity as per Std. PQS load : 18 Litres. Gross Storage Capacity : 23.70 Litres. Weight Fully Loaded : 47.86 Kgs. Weight Empty (with empty ice pack) : 20.78 Kgs. External surface material : LLDPE* Internal lining material : LLDPE* Insulation material : CFC free Polyurethane Insulation thickness : 100 mm External Dimensions(LxWxH) : 77.0x61.8x51.3 cms. Internal Dimensions(LxWxH) : 52.9x37.5x30.0 cms. Vaccine Storage Dimension : 44.2x29.3x18.3 cms. Lid Type and Fixings : Hinged Number of Ice Packs required : 31. Number of Ice Packs supplied : 31. Ice-pack type compliant with PQS E0S/IP01.1 : 0.6 L. Volume of Ice Pack : 0.60 Litres. Min. Cold life Req. : 96 hrs. Conforming to WHO PQS Ref. No. : E04/CB01.1. Cold Life without openings at +43°C : 145 hrs. 51 mins. Warm Life at -20°C : 57 hrs. 42 mins. Cool Life at +43°C : 34 hrs. 35 mins

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