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Open Care System

Open Care System

Product Code: NMCBS26009

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Open Care System The digital, microprocessor-based controller comes standard with a full spectrum of features The Tiana Open care System comes complete with automatic manual and baby (Servo) modes Two function control models provide the clinician more flexibility while optimizing the thermal environment Skin temperature display is larger then other set temperature display Skin temperature display can be converted from °C to °F by the push of a button A full complement of alarm provides safety and convenience, with both audible and visual indicators in the event of: High Temp. / Low Temp., Set High / Set Low, Probe Failure, Power Failure The system automatically starts the heating from 40% in manual mode and the same can be changed through settings upto 99% The High & Low temp. alarm settings can be adjusted according to the patient condition The Radiant Warmer features an independent ambient temperature probe which maximizes the heating efficiency across the range of operating temperature A big LCD is provided for more specific information & visualization of the heater power in manual and servo modes The system automatically converts from servo mode to manual mode in case of probe failure thus providing non stop working of the unit The spacious baby bed incorporates easily drop down sided for maximum access to the patient Heater Assembly: The heater assembly located above the center of the support structure consists of an integral examination light and a 650 Watts heating system for quick warming and even distribution of heat on the baby bed. Open Care System, Infant Care Products Exporters, Infant Care Products Manufacturers
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