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Synoptophore Instruments

Synoptophore Instruments

Product Code: NMCBS137035

Categories: Ophthalmic Equipments

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Synoptophore Instruments We supply comprehensive range of Synoptophore Instruments which is available in four models of slide illumination namely normal, flashing right, flashing r+l and auto flashing selected by a single selector knob. Besides, these Surgical Synoptophore are also provided with other accessories like Instrument table (Motorized) Table Hardening brushes. Rheostat is used to control 12V lamp for slide illumination and the auto flashing is either simultaneous or alternate in rapid variable modes. Specifications: Adduction: +50 degree Horizontal Adduction : -50 degree Hyper: - 30 degree Vertical Hyper: - 30 degree Torsional Incylo: - 30 degree Exylo: - 20 degree Synoptophore Instruments, Ophthalmic Equipment, Ophthalmic Equipment manufacturers

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