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Transport Ventilator

Transport Ventilator

Product Code: NMCBS42001

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Transport Ventilator Dimensions W 50 X D 23 X H 23 cm (basic dimensions) Weight Approximately 19 Kg (42 lb) Insp. flow Constant or accelerating. Pattern decelerating in Pressure Controlled Ventilation Compressible 0.075 I (internal) Working pressure Up to 120 cm H2O Preset inspiratory 0.5-40 l/in. With sufficient working minute volume pressure Respiratory rate 5-120 breaths/min Inspiratory time 20, 25, 33, 50, 67 or 80 % of the respiratory cycle Pause time 0, 5, 10, 20 or 30 % of the respiratory cycle PEEP 0-50 cm H2O Upper Pressure 15-120 cm H2O limit Trig Sensitivity 20-0 cm H2O (below PEEP) SIMV-rate HIGH RATE (4-40 SIMV breaths/min) Low rate (0.4 -40SIMV breaths/min) Sigh Doubled tidal volume possible every 100 breaths Special functions: Inspiratory pause hold Expiratory pause hold Gas Change Monitoring: Airway pressure Range - 20-120 cm H2O Expired minute ADULTS range 0-40 l/min Infants range 0-40 l/min Digital presentation: Respiratory rate Range 5-120 breaths/min O2 concentration in % by volume: Range 20-100% Inspired tidal volume Range 0-1999 ml Expired tidal volume Range 0-1999 ml Expired minute adults range 0-40 l/min Volume infants range 0-40 l/min Peak pressure range 0-120 cm H2O Pause pressure range 0-120 cm H2O Mean airway pressure range 0-120 cm H2O

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