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Versamed Ivent 201 Ventilator

Versamed Ivent 201 Ventilator

Product Code: NMCBS42008

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Versamed Ivent 201 Ventilator Electrically Powered, Computer Controlled Ventilator Closed Loop Flow & Pressure Controller Ventilation Modes Assist Control (A/C) Volume Controlled Pressure Controlled Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV): Volume Controlled Pressure Controlled Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV) Special Features: Adaptive Bi-Level (NIV) Adaptive Flow™ Adjustable Rise Time Adaptive Time™ Easy Exhale™ Preset Parameters by Patient Weight Sigh Breath Apnea Backup Ventilation 100% O2 Suctio Ventilation Performance and Controlled Parameters: Respiratory Rate : 1 to 80 BPM Tidal Volume : 50 to 2,000 ml Inspiratory Pressure Limit : 5 to 80 cm H2O Inspiratory Time Adaptive Time™: , or 0.2 to 3 seconds Peak Flow Adaptive Flow™ : or 1 to 120L/min Spontaneous up to 180 L/min Oxygen Mix (FIO2) : 21% to 100% PEEP : 0 to 40 cm H2O Trigger Sensitivity : 1 to 20 L/min Flow Sensitivity + off –0.5 to –20 cm H2O Pressure Sensitivity + off PSV : 0 to 60 cm H2O Positive Pressure Relief Valve : 80 cm H2O Synchronized Nebulizer: 10-240 Minutes Monitoring and Displayed Parameters: Airway Pressure (analog bar graph & numerical) Total Breath Rate I:E Ratio Exhaled Tidal Volume Exhaled Minute Volume Peak Flow Inspiratory Time Electrical Power Source (external / internal) Battery Level Pressure, Flow and Volume Waveforms Software Package: Real Time Pressure and Flow Waveforms Waveform History Browse Trending of Monitored Data (72 Hours) Respiratory Mechanics (C, R, MAP, RR/Vt) Pressure, Flow and Volume Loops Lung Mechanics (C, R, MAP, RR/Vt) Versamed Ivent 201 Ventilator, Medical Ventilator exporters, Medical Ventilator manufacturers

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