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Our Products

Hospital Trolley

Dressing Trolley Steel with Drawer

Trolley made of stainless steel.
Size: 640 x 420 x 800 mm.
2 S.S. shelves with guard rails on 3 sides.
With 1 wastebin & 1 S.S. Bowl.
S.S. Dressing tray attached at the top.
1 S.S. drawer below the first shelf.
4 swivel castor (2 with brakes).....

Product Code: NMTOY10001 - (Dressing Trolley Steel with Drawer)


Dressing Trolley

Dressing Trolley: Tubular pipe frame work. Two shelves if stainless steel with railings. Fitted with S.S. basin and S.S. pail. Mounted on castor wheels.

Dressing Trolley Steel: Stainless steel tubular frame work mounted on four 100 mm dia swiveling castors. Two stainless steel shelves with four side railings. Supplied with stainless steel bowl and bucket.....

Product Code: NMTOY10002 - (Dressing Trolley)


Instrument Trolley

Instrument Trolley Frame work made of ERW tubular pipe mounted on four 7.5 cms. dia. castors.
Two fixed stainless steel shelves of heavy gauge.
Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated.
Also avaliable :
Instrument Trolley - All stainless steel (NMTOY10002A-0086)
Instrument Trolley Without railing. (NMTOY10002B-0087)

Instrument Trolley Size: 68L x 45W x 82H cms.
Instrument Trolley Size: 76L x 45W x 82H cms.
Instrument Trolley Size: 91L x 45W x 82H cms.....

Product Code: NMTOY10003 - (Instrument Trolley)


Anaesthesia & Drug Trolley

5 Lockable drawers and 3 shelves. Flat top with rails to facilitate dispensing of drugs. Mounted on castor wheels. Fitted with handle.
Available in :
EPC Finished with S.S. Top OR All Stainless Steel....

Product Code: NMTOY10004 - (Anaesthesia & Drug Trolley)


Soiled Linen Trolley

Frame work of CRC tube mounted on 10 cms castors. Superior quality canvas bag. Pre - treated and Epoxy powder coated finish....

Product Code: NMTOY10005 - (Soiled Linen Trolley)


Soiled Linen Trolley Conventional

Conventional, Single Bag Tubular pipe frame work. Mounted on 75mm(3in) castor wheel. 480mm x 910mm x (19in x 36in) Bag. Canvas / Polyster fabric Bag.

Available in :

Epoxy powder coated.
Stainless Steel.....

Product Code: NMTOY10006 - (Soiled Linen Trolley Conventional)


Mayo Type Hospital Trolley

EPC Finished tubular frame work mounted on 50 mm dia swiveling castors. Stainless steel instrument tray of size 560 mm (L) x 400 mm (W). Knob operated height adjustment.

Available in :

All Stainless steel frame with S.S. Top....

Product Code: NMTOY10007 - (Mayo Type Hospital Trolley)


Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

Tubular frame work on two 10 cms castors. M.S. Sheet base plate. Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated finish.....

Product Code: NMTOY10008 - (Oxygen Cylinder Trolley)


Hospital Crash Cart

MS tubular frame. Six coloured removable bins. Two polystyrene lockable stroage boxes, each with three drawers. Easy mobility with four heavy duty swiveling castors of 125 mm dia each, two castors with brakes. Powder coated oxygen cylinder holder. Four corner buffers. Stainless steel I/V rod. Electric examination lamp with clamp. Cardiac massage board and laminated shelves. Pre treated and Epoxy powder coated.....

Product Code: NMTOY10009 - (Hospital Crash Cart)


Medicine Trolley

Medicine Trolley Two side Trolley designed to supply medicines. (Front & back same) Size: 850 520 1045 mm. 2 drawers with dividers suitably designed for keeping medicines. 3 Multi purpose drawers. Equipped with waste bin, needle disposable container, file cassette & guard rails. Equipped with lock key system. 4 swivel noiseless castors with brakes.....

Product Code: NMTOY10010 - (Medicine Trolley)


Medicine Trolley

Medicine Trolley Trolley made of Alloy, ABS plastic and stainless steel Size : 850mm x 520mm x 1010mm 6 drawers, can be pulled out from both sides, self locked when closed. 50 medicine boxes in all drawers History card on each medicine box. With waste bins-2 pcs, Transparent file box-1 pcs, sliding side board, and five hooks hanging device mechanism. 4 swivel noiseless castor of 5" (2 with brakes).....

Product Code: NMTOY10011 - (Medicine Trolley)


Emergency Trolley

Emergency Trolley Trolley designed to manage patient in emergency. Size: 850 520 1045 mm. 5 drawers made of ABS with dividers. Equipped with waste bin, needle disposable container, multi bin container, file cassette, guard rails, Sliding shelf & defibrillator shelf. Equipped with Oxygen Cylinder Holder, I.V. Pole & CPR Board. Equipped with lock key system. (Central locking mechanism) 4 swivel noiseless castors of 5" (2 with brakes).....

Product Code: NMTOY10012 - (Emergency Trolley)


Medicine Trolley

Medicine Trolley For Sickroom Nursing. Size: 650 420 1020 mm. 6 lockable multipurpose drawers. Adjustable medicine boxes in each drawer. With waste bin on each side. 4 Swivel castor all with brakes.....

Product Code: NMTOY10013 - (Medicine Trolley)


Medicine Trolley

Medicine Trolley For Sickroom Nursing. Size: 610 475 920 mm. Lockable multipurpose drawers. Adjustable medicine boxes in each drawer. 4 Swivel castors (2 with brakes).....

Product Code: NMTOY10014 - (Medicine Trolley)


Treatment Trolley

Treatment Trolley 90% made of ABS. Size: 818 x 525 x 985 mm. 2 concealed working tops under table top. 2 drawers & 2 cupboards. With medicine containers/drawers. With 2 waste bins & I.V. Pole. 4 swivel castors (2 with brakes). ABS table top , Sz. 700 x490mm....

Product Code: NMTOY10015 - (Treatment Trolley)