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Our Products

Back Support

Lumbosacral Support

Lumbosacral Support, full elastic with velcro lock Lumbosacral Support, Back Support Exporters, Back Support Manufacturers....

Product Code: NMBSB10001 - (Lumbosacral Support)


Sacro Lumber Belt

Sacro Lumber Belt: Made up of Eva sheet, double strap, in back shape. Made of durable cotton elastic. The cloth work as a loop velcro. Sacro Lumber Belt, Back Support Exporters, Back Support Manufacturers....

Product Code: NMBSB10002 - (Sacro Lumber Belt)


Taylor's Brace/Dorso Lumbar Brace

Taylors Brace/Dorso Lumbar Brace ize: S, M, L, XL Feature: Elastic abdominal panels provide rigid compression Thoracic straps provide comfortable fixation of brace to the body. Adjustable para-spinal and lateral bars are precontoured to keep spine in it's right position Clavicle straps with cotton stockinet for right shoulder posture Foam pads for good cushioning Application: Used for post-operative cases Mild thoraces and Lumber injuries Herniated Disc problems....

Product Code: NMBSB10003 - (Taylor's Brace/Dorso Lumbar Brace)


Back Rest

Back Rest Size : Universal Feature : Lightweight and portable Spinal support when placed on any chair, car seat, soft, wheel chair etc. Easy to use during long hours chair sitting Application : Can be used for slip disc patients Removes discomfort and pain after surgery....

Product Code: NMBSB10004 - (Back Rest)


Contoured Lumbo Sacral Support

Contoured Lumbo Sacral Support Size : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Feature : Highly porous orthopaedic webbing Hook / Loops provided for perfect fitting and strong immobilization Easy application and removal Application : Degenerative Lumbar disc disease Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spine Lumbosacral strain....

Product Code: NMBSB10005 - (Contoured Lumbo Sacral Support)


Lumbo Sacral Support

Lumbo Sacral Support Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Feature : High grade elastic for flexibility Double support for proper fitting and durability Skin friendly fabric and elastic. Application : Low back pain cases Used for general purpose with mild compression and support....

Product Code: NMBSB10006 - (Lumbo Sacral Support)


Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow Size : Universal Feature : Resilient, firm and washable foam Combined with cotton to give comfortable support to the Neck. Application : Offers support to patients suffering from cervical spondylosis Provides proper extension for faster recovery Enhances full support to the neck allowing shoulder & upper back muscle to relax Gives relief from stress in case of back pain....

Product Code: NMBSB10007 - (Cervical Pillow)


Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable Size : S, M, L Feature : High-density polythene sheet Proper foam padding for comfort Double layer facilitates height adjustment Holes for ventilation Velcro closure for easy application Application : For cervical spine immobilization Used during Pre and post surgical cases Provides rigid support and strong immobilization....

Product Code: NMBSB10008 - (Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable)


Cervical Collar Soft Eyelet

Cervical Collar Soft Eyelet Size : S, M, L, XL Feature : Washable and high-density PU foam Contoured at the below chin level for proper support to lower cervical spine Holes for better ventilation Application : Semi-Rigid support to the lower cervical spine Used during cervical spondylosis During whiplash injuries....

Product Code: NMBSB10009 - (Cervical Collar Soft Eyelet)


Philadelphia Collar

Philadelphia Collar Size: S, M, L, XL Feature: Two Piece design with proper velcro provision for comfortable fitting. Holes for ventilation Provides Preformed Chin support Front opening for tracheotomy Washable foam to maintain hygiene conditions Application: Pre and Post operative cases Severe Spondylosis Rigid support to the mild and lower cervical spine....

Product Code: NMBSB10010 - (Philadelphia Collar)


Cervical Collar (Boneless)

Cervical Collar (Boneless) Size : Child, S, M, L Feature : Soft foam collar to provide mild support to the neck Washable foam and fabric to maintain hygiene Application : Provide proper posture with mid support Prevents any muscle pull or hyper flexion or extention while travelling Preventive care for neck while reading, watching T.V. Used as semi- rigid collar for daily routine jobs During whiplash injuries or hyper extention injuries....

Product Code: NMBSB10011 - (Cervical Collar (Boneless))


Ambulance Collar

Ambulance Collar Size : S, M, L Feature : Single piece design with semi-rigid plaster padded Foam to provide better immobilization Large opening allows tracheotomy Application : Used in emergency to immobilize neck for accident victims....

Product Code: NMBSB10012 - (Ambulance Collar)